Cleveland Contract Disputes Attorney

A contract most often states that one party will furnish products or services and the other will pay for them. Frequently the arrangement is an ongoing one. But, whether the contract is for a one-time deal or a longer relationship, the contract is essential to carrying on business for both parties.

Defective performance by one party, or failure of payment by the other may be grounds for a claim of contract breach. If payment is normally made to a vendor or supplier after goods or services have been delivered, then refusal to pay can constitute a breach. But that refusal to pay may be justified by failure of agreed upon terms such as:

  • Delayed delivery or performance
  • Defective goods
  • Breach of warranty
  • Poor workmanship or quality
  • Defective manufacture

In these circumstances a counterclaim may be in order; it documents your side of the story and brings your complaint to the attention of the other party. A counterclaim changes the bargaining position and levels the playing field.

Contract disputes are common and our firm has extensive experience defending breach of contract claims. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances, and discuss your goals and your options with you.

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