Chagrin Falls Business Law Attorney

Cleveland, Ohio, Business Law and Real Estate Attorney

The Gregory R. Glick Co. in Cleveland, Ohio, has gained a reputation for success, resulting in a loyal client base that has benefited from the knowledge, quality of service, and proactive communications offered by the firm.

Specific  areas of practice include:

Gregory R. Glick is a 25-year practicing attorney licensed in the State of Ohio. His extensive background includes litigation defense and transactions in real estate, business, and commercial law. He has litigated cases in State and Federal Courts, including the Ohio Supreme Court. Lawyer Glick established his firm to help partnerships, corporations, and LLCs become established and to provide ongoing counseling along the way. He has assisted with the structuring of agreements for individuals and businesses interested in purchasing and selling real estate. Securities, franchise, and facsimile law are other areas of his expertise.

Clear and Honest Communication

The prospect of selecting an attorney can be intimidating. At the Gregory R. Glick Co., we believe in plain speaking and open communication to facilitate effective and ongoing relationships with our clients. We work hard to put our clients at ease and ensure that they understand everything that we can do for them. From your free initial consultation, we are proactive in providing all important information, both oral and written, and responding quickly to calls and emails.

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