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An eviction may be a highly emotionally charged situation with the landlord and the tenant arguing over the eviction notice. Our attorneys and staff at the Gregory R. Glick Co. provide eviction representation to commercial and residential landlords and tenants. We take the time to review all of the details of the case to determine the best way in which to proceed with the case.

Whether you are dealing with a lease contract pertaining to a residential apartment or a commercial office, it is important that you seek legal representation when facing an eviction. Our firm can assist you in understanding your options and whether or not the eviction is warranted on either the part of the landlord or tenant. Contact us today to further discuss your individual case and needs.


Landlords are often depicted in a bad light with an action for forcible entry and detainer. Our firm understands the point of view of the landlord. Landlords have a right to have the terms of their lease enforced. When considering an eviction, it is helpful to have the facts reviewed by an attorney at our firm. We can help landlords ensure they proceed in compliance with the statues and ordnances that govern evictions when tenants violate the terms of the lease by subletting, damaging the unit or most commonly, failing to pay rent.

Ohio Statues Chapter 1923: Forcible Entry and Detainer contain the legal requirements for evicting a tenant. Our firm handles your eviction action, ensuring the proper paperwork is completed and filed, and makes all necessary court appearances. We ensure the actions are legal. We can negotiate with the tenant on your behalf, if you determine that avoiding the eviction is in your best interests as a landlord.


Facing possible eviction constructive eviction or having already received an eviction notice may leave a tenant confused and overwhelmed. A member of our firm can review your case and determine your options. These may include negotiating with the landlord to prevent an eviction notice from being served or fighting the eviction in court. Regardless of the way in which we work to obtain a resolution, we can help tenants ensure that their rights are protected.

Whether you are a tenant or landlord, our firm can help you understand the process of eviction and how to protect yourself throughout action. We are experienced dealing with the Ohio landlord/tenant laws and can explain your rights regarding eviction, forcible entry and detainer, constructive eviction, and other landlord/tenant matters.

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