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At The Gregory R. Glick Co., LPA, we provide clients with over two decades of litigation experience in various business and real estate matters. We are on your side.

Serving Business, Litigation And Real Estate Clients For Over 25 Years

Communication with our clients is of vital importance at the Gregory R. Glick Co. in Cleveland, Ohio. The complexities of defending a lawsuit, setting up a business or completing a real estate transaction require a clear understanding of a client's needs and goals. This understanding is only possible through regular communication and attention to detail.

We provide over 25 years of experience in commercial defense litigation, business law, and real estate. We have built a strong track record of success handling complex issues such as business and commercial dispute matters, eviction, foreclosure, residential real estate litigation and many others. Our attorneys have litigated cases in State and Federal Courts, including the Ohio Supreme Court. We feel that our work ethic, knowledge, and commitment to our clients offer a viable and positive alternative to other high-profile law firms in Ohio.

The complexities of business law, real estate transactions, landlord tenant issues, and defense litigation can be daunting. Attorney Gregory R. Glick and our staff of lawyers are experienced and talented litigators. However, we are keenly aware our clients need more than just talent. Our goal when communicating with you is not just to stay in touch, but to ensure that you understand how we are being an effective advocate for you and your interests.

Don't Delay

If you've been served with a Complaint, don't wait until the last minute to call an attorney. Call us now so that we can plan your defense, counterclaims and discuss jurisdiction. A timely response avoids the risk of a default judgment and saves you time and money.

Are You Being Sued In The Wrong State?

Call us now if you believe that your suit should not be in Ohio. We can file a motion to challenge jurisdiction and force the plaintiff to file the case in your own backyard.

File Evictions Early

Once a tenant misses a rent payment, they are most likely to miss more of them. Don't wait...give them a 3 day notice to vacate now. Contact us to file the eviction quickly so that you can regain control of your property and maintain an income stream. Quick action will prevent further damage to your property.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Save broker's fees and beat the market by selling your home with our assistance. Contact us now to prepare a form purchase agreement that you can present to prospective buyers. We'll also help you get the title work done, remove unnecessary liens and move the process through escrow and closing. It will save you time and money.

Stuck In Foreclosure?

Contact us now so that we can help you mediate a successful end to the case. We'll explain options to you such as a deed in lieu, loan modification, loan reinstatement and short sale.

Open Communication

At the Gregory R. Glick Co., we pride ourselves in being easy to reach via telephone, fax, or e-mail, whether you are a prospective client or a long-time satisfied client. During the initial consultation, we gather the facts, identify the issues, and advise you as to how we can resolve your legal matter.

Once the process has started, we are never more than a phone call or email away from answering your questions and updating you regarding the progress of your case. You will receive regular status reports so you never feel disconnected from the services that we are providing. Our approach is service-oriented: we listen carefully to your concerns and return all phone calls and other correspondence promptly.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact a lawyer at our firm today or call 216-292-8108.

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